Email to join my next class or for 1:1 coaching

Email to join my next class or for 1:1 coaching



Is an artistic experience both instructional and soulful. We will use spiritual technologies to tap into the power of co-creation with our higher self through art. Pairing artistic creation with group exercises will help us to have a deeper connection.  You will have new realizations and fall into life flow. This process will transform all areas of your life that need adjustment. Please join me if you want to grow spiritually and artistically. Join this program and tap into a bond that will bring countless blessings and new awareness into your life.

▪       Authentically listen to your inner guidance  

So you feel empowered, and learn to co-create in art and life.


 ▪       Create beautiful collages 

Learn how to make collage not just a basic vision board. (Come on you are more that just a thought bubble!)


▪       Completely connect to spirit 

 Live a life of intuition, miracles + guided grace

1:1 Coaching

  •  Each journey is unique and personally created to best guide every spirit toward their fullest expression.  My coaching programs include both in person or virtual support. Even if you are across the world you can still connect to this deep work. I use art, spiritual technologies and every day practices designed specifically for you.

  • Clients have the opportunity to explore, deepen or begin to forge a bond with a higher power. They gain self-love to feel and utilize their own magic to become a co-creator in their lives.  Clients build a clearer recognition of their personal values and learn how to stand fearless in the face of transformation.

  • Are you ready to create a Profoundly Magical LifeIf so, then let me be your guide and mentor on this creative journey.

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