Tracy Nunez has become a spiritual art teacher who uses analog collage to help students find a way to connect to a higher power and fall into life’s flow as they discover magic in their own lives.

Tracy has been a seeker and student of spiritual studies since the age of 16. She was pushed to share this work when she went through major transformation in order to live her highest expression. She had to learn how to live in full faith, trust her higher power, be willing to let go of social norms, and move fearlessly toward her highest expression. She moved from away from a marriage and a man she loved to live her truth as gay woman.

Tracy had to put all of her spiritual beliefs into practice. As painful as this was, she also knew deep her soul that this pain was a signal that she had the opportunity for tremendous growth and self exploration. Tracy walked fearlessly into the pain and let it burn her up. She knew that having to support herself would require her to level up and get creative. 

Since Tracy has been studying and practicing different spiritual modalities starting in her teen years. She was prepared to, not only thrive but, share her message of bonding with a higher power with people who yearn to have more magic in their life. She listened to thought leaders like Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle Caroline Myss, and later Matt Khan and Michael Singer to mention only a small fraction of her influences. She is a deeksha blessing giver and spent over a month in India studying with monks at the Oneness University in 2014. Tracy also works with master plants having attended multiple Ayahuasca  healing retreats with Shipbo healers in Peru in recent years.

In addition to spirituality, Tracy attended FIT and found her voice as a collage artist landing in the permanent collection at the Leslie Lohman Museum . She has found a hidden magic in both art and spirituality as she pairs them together and taps into the power of co-creation with the divine.

Tracy also decided to remove all toxins from her life and become sober. In her sobriety she has felt and seen the divine so active and palpable in her life. This is how her Conscious Collage art class and coaching programs got born. She knew she had to share how to fall in the flow and uncover the subconscious mind through honest exploration with others. She has watched so many lives become filled with connectedness as they now share their own stories and passions with the world.